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How the Heck do I Become a YouTube Partner?

July 18, 2012 by admin

If you are to the point in your YouTube marketing where you are ready to go to the next level – OR even just wanting to have a YouTube business and wondering why some Channels look different than others – you may be ready to become a YouTube Partner! (Here’s a quick video of me with some YouTube Partners if you are wondering who some YouTube Partners are:

But WHAT is a YouTube Partner, WHY do you want to be one, and HOW do you become one? I’m going to shed a little light on the subject!

WHAT is a YouTube Partner?
A YouTube Partner is a YouTube program that will give your YouTube marketing some HUGE extra benefits, resources, and opportunities. The program really gives its partners a boost in building larger audiences and in earning more money….and….it’s FREE! BUT you have to be accepted.

HOW Do I Become a YouTube Partner?
There used to be certain parameters and applications that needed to be filled out and sent in to YouTube if you wanted to become a YouTube Partner. If you met all of YouTube’s criteria you were then accepted into the Partner program.

Now, however, things have changed…and I do think we will see a bit more change before we know it. If you want to be a YouTube Partner right now you basically need to make sure your YouTube Channel is in good standing with YouTube and you have to have original content. That means if you are a musician you cannot do cover songs and become a YouTube partner. It has to be your own work and creation…even to the point that you cannot use licensed music in your video’s background (without first obtaining a license to use it…)….if you know what I mean!

If your YouTube account is in good standing and you are creating your own, original videos you will receive an email saying something like, “Congratulations! Your account is ready to monetize” and then it will walk you through how to enable monetization on your videos.

From there we just have to wait until YouTube unrolls the rest of their plan and accepts you into their Partner Program!

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